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Meet the M.E.A.T. team

M.E.A.T. is the first, but certainly not the last (!), project of Trippin Bears, a new game-dev studio on the Polish market. One of the founding members of our team is Wojciech ‘Słoń’ Zawadzki—a rap artist and a director of Brain Dead Familia.

The team also includes Danisz Tracz, who launched a party card game Loża Szyderców (a Polish equivalent of Cards Against Humanity), which has already had several basic versions and numerous expansions, including Vulgarne Opowieści (Crude Stories) inspired by Słoń’s music. Our team wouldn’t be complete without Jakub Niedziela, a gaming enthusiast who divides his time between playing computer games and levelling up at the medical university.


M.E.A.T.—a well-done rarity among the RPGs

Work on the game has been going on for several years, and the outcome of our efforts exceeded all expectations. Right at the beginning, during the crowdfunding campaign, M.E.A.T. gained a lot of loyal fans thanks to whom we managed to collect over PLN 195,000 and therefore set the Polish fundraising record in the ‘video games’ category.

M.E.A.T. is a single-player, 2D RPG inspired by the classics of the 90s and made with unique pixel-art graphics. Your task is to solve the mystery which constitutes the main storyline while defeating several enemies along the way. A single-player campaign will familiarise you with the technicalities and prepare you for the upcoming modes, i.e. CO-OP and eventually MMORPG.


From a single-player RPG to MMO

During the gameplay, the player constantly develops his character on many levels typical for the RPG genre. Both the time devoted to training and fighting opponents and the activities related to solving the main quest along with numerous side missions result in unlocking new quests and character skills.

M.E.A.T. is open-ended—after completing all the tasks, the player can still discover the world of Washagami and face the awaiting challenges. Consequently, the actual playtime may be significantly extended beyond the main campaign, and the player can enjoy unlimited access to the mysteries of the gold rush times.

M.E.A.T. provides a blend of genres—on the one hand, the atmosphere and the mechanics of demanding MMORPGs; on the other hand, the advantages of single-player games such as an ability to save game at any time and a possibility to play without the constant threat of being killed by hostile human players.

We give you, among other things, renewable respawns, fractions with unique bosses, and a day-and-night cycle system which affects the availability of quests and the level of enemies. All this aims at familiarising you with the technicalities and turning the game into a full-fledged MMORPG later on.


The original storyline of M.E.A.T.

The game begins at the end of the 19th century in Washagami, a small town in Canada which is booming because of the so-called ‘gold rush.’ Due to unfavourable weather conditions—extremely low temperature and heavy snowfall—the city bridge collapses and the railway tunnel gets blocked. Washagami, now cut off from the outside world, is ravaged by famine and an unidentified disease.

The protagonist’s a veteran of the Civil War and an owner of the local mine who decides to take the matters into his own hands and trace back the root of the problem. Trying to unravel the mystery of the disease, he comes upon information about a certain precious substance recently discovered in his mine.

Telestarion’s an eerie, aggression-causing material which affects all living organisms and both animate and inanimate elements of nature. During the gameplay, you need to tame the offensive substance, get to grips with its far-reaching consequences, and face a bunch of crank villains eager to use it for their own, evil, purposes.


The welcoming world of Washagami

Most importantly, the story doesn’t end with the launch of M.E.A.T. This is only the beginning, an introduction to the plot. The game and its following editions will land on other platforms as soon as possible. If you’re willing to learn more about the presented world, reach for our weighty, illustrated book M.E.A.T. Stone Resin. Check out our merch and follow the telestarion-infected path of sir Culligan as a true fan.


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