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Game M.E.A.T. retail version (PC)


Order fulfilment – December 2020

‘M.E.A.T.’—the latest single from Słoń—FREE! FREE!

M.E.A.T. is a single-player, 2D RPG inspired by the classics of the 90s and made with unique pixel-art graphics. The plot combines elements of horror and science-fiction.

You play as sir Culligan, a veteran of the Civil War and an owner of the small mine in Washagami, back in the Klondike Gold Rush era. Your task is to solve the mystery of an unheard-of disease which consumes Washagami while defeating several enemies along the way.

A single-player campaign. An open-ended story.



Platform: PC

Genre: RPG

Estimated playtime: 10 hours of main story + 10 hours of side quests and unlimited ‘free hunting’ content

Age category: 18+

Language: Polish, English

Medium: DVD-ROM plus activation code

Minimal requirements: 2 GB RAM, Intel Core, Intel HD Graphics 4000 or later, 2 GB free disk space, mouse and keyboard

‘M.E.A.T.’—the latest single from Słoń—FREE! FREE!

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